Building a mythtv box


recently I started configuring an Athlon 3200+ equipped box, with a sata and an IDE hard disk, a Hauppauge DVB-t tuner, and a Hauppauge 150, and because I would prefer not to draw ethernet cables to the living room where the box should live an Allnet 0271 wlan nic.

I installed open suse 10.1 on it (this was some time before the novell / Microsoft announcement which I still don’t know quite what to think of other than this: I don’t trust Microsoft further than I can throw it so I will not be surprised to learn that Microsoft does something ugly with this to try and damage linux).

I Installed mythtv, and tv_grab_dk (I live in Denmark) and configured mythtv. But I could not get my wlan to connect to my wlan. A lot of debugging later I have learned a few things:

  1. A live cd with knoppix v.5.01 allowed me to configure the wlan nic and connect to the wlan (and get an ip address via dhcp) in less than 5 minutes using wep encryption. (I have been fighting it with suse 10.1 for weeks now)
  2. Under suse 10.1 if I disable knetworkmanager, and make a symlink from /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/ifcfg-eth1 to /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/ifcfg-wlan-bus-pci-0000:05:08.0 I can at least get a connection to the wlan now, but still no ip address via dhcp.
  3. A post on suseforums indicate that knetworkmanager (which is a frontend for networkmanager, natively a gnome program I think) seems to be a bit unreliable.

So now I am downloading suse 10.1 to burn a dvd, and try to reinstall it. My hope with this plan is that if the nic is in the machine at install time (which I can’t remember if it were the first time or not) the install program will correctly configure it this time. Otherwise I might switch to ubuntu, although I still like the feel of suse better than ubuntu (Can’t really say why other than having no root login however good an idea seems strange to me).

Today I am struggling to get mythbackend running and connect to it (from the same machine). Maybe it is because I have been messing around with the network configuration a lot lately.

Anyway, I am _still_ waiting for the last 0.1% of the suse 10.1 DVD to finish download via torrent. It has been at 99.90% for almost 4 hours now and it is just stalled. 😦

Update: I started downloading suse 10.2 rc1 as well, also using ktorrent. It also started to go slower and slower and finally grinding to a halt at 93%. I read about some similar problems, and restarted ktorrent as suggested, and both torrents came back to life and finished with no further problems.


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