Building a mythtv box on suse 10.2 rc1

Well I could not figure out how to get wireless working for me in the suse 10.1 install I had on the machine. So in the hope that a reinstall with the wireless nic installed in the machine during installation would somehow configure the network correctly for me I upgraded to suse 10.2 rc1.

But the problem is still the same. Only difference is that the installer suggested to use networking _without_ the networkmanager (which I had seen in the buglist for 10.1 does not work with prism54 which is the driver for my wireless nic unfortunately)

But it did not work (wired ethernet works fine ofcourse)

So I started trying the same tricks I had learned on suse 10.1 ( symlinking /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth2-> ifcfg-wlan……… ) and again I saw using iwevent that I seemed to get my nic associated with the wireless router. But still no dhcp assigned ip address for the wireless interface.

I tried disconnecting the wired ethernet and restarting the network, but no luck with that.

I tried adding a route for the wireless interface to the wireless router manually, but no luck.

I tried setting the ip for the wireless interface manually, and disconnecting the wired ethernet (using the same ip address that was assigned (by DHCP) ) but still no luck.

Despairing for a bit, while I think about how to proceed from here.


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