Beginning to use my new mythtv box


This weekend I finally decided to connect my mythtv box to the tv in the living room, just to see how much still needed fixing, and was quite happily surprised to find that apart from a few glitches it just worked.

I have some tweaking to do though:

  • I managed to configure the graphics card and the resolution so even normal text screens (not mythtv ones, but for instance term windows) were almost readable. I could probably improve this still, but I am not sure if this is just because the tv is one with a crt.
  • I initially could only find live views in the media library, untill I found (and the config screens for mythtv are not _that_ readable on the tv either) the option to also view default, and standard recording groups in the view filter in the media library.
  • I need to figure out how to get the box to turn it self on (and off) when recordings start and stop (if it is not being used) I haven’t looked into this yet.
  • I need to set up the IR for my remote so I don’t have to have the wireless keyboard and mouse around to control mythtv
  • Maybe a second dvb-t tuner instead of one dvb-t and one analogue (the analogue is not connected yet).

But overall I am very happy with my mythtv box so far.


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