My mythtv box is idling at the time being

My DVB-T tuner was garbling the analog tv signal “down stream” from it, with the effect that my TV could only be used to watch tv on some of the frequency bands (perhaps those not used my the DVB-T signal?)

Anyway, last week I tried inserting a T-splitter to the antenna cable for the DVB-T tuner to see if this would improve the signal relative to what I had been doing so far, which was to connect the antenna cable for the tv to the antenna out connector on the tuner.Since then I have been unable to get mythtv to tune to the DVB-T signal. It’s just as though the tuner is broken, yet the drivers seem to load ok. I decided that knowing the software works was enough for me for the time being, and I was really too busy to do anything to fix it, so it’s idling (meaning I am not using it for the time being).

Also even though I am not 100% sure I didn’t break something in the configuration, because around the time just before this strangeness with the tuner I had been modifying the /etc/modprobe.d/tv file to get the cx88_dvb kernel module loaded at boot time so I wouldn’t have to log in as root and modprobe it manually to get the tuner working. (The other kernel modules _did_ load at boot, only this one did not). Anyway the addition of this module to the file seemed to work as I wanted, but I am not sure I actually tested if the tuner worked after doing this untill I did the thing with the antenna cable.

I know, the antenna and T-splitter (which is a passive component) can not reasonably be responsible for the tuner to stop working, but at the time it was the only thing I could remember doing before it stopped working. And again time prohibits me from tinkering with the box for the time being.

Also I am holding back upgrading the box to opensuse 10.2 because I filed a bug report about wlan support with knetworkmanager for my Allnet 0271 (which just works out of the box when I boot with knoppix v 5.01), and I want to see if they need more info from log files or other before I upgrade…


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