New sailing season approaching

The last two weeks, I’ve had my crew working with me on the boat one weekend. (and it was raining hard that weekend, especially on saturday).

And last weekend I put in some work alone, and now the boat is pretty close to being ready for the upcoming sailing season.

This could be the first year in my 4 year’s as a boat owner to actually get the boat in the water in the very beginning of april, and maybe even on april which is the day the harbour officially opens for the season.

Thanks to my crew for making this possible.

And hopefully this year we will have a long season with great sailing weather.

And not to forget, leave the other boats trailing behind in the evening matches ;-))A quiet day on the water, september 2006



One Response to “New sailing season approaching”

  1. joeyno Says:

    Ha en fin seilsesong 🙂

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