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Sailing again.

05 May, 2007

During easter I nearly set a personal record by getting the boat in the water on April 5th. Only small trips so far, and even in good weather it can still be quite cold out on the water.

But evening matches have now started, so from next week I hope the entire 4 man crew (myself included) will be racing with the other boats. so far the weather has been really fine for most of the still very young season of 2007.


Mythtv on open suse 10.2 a fresh start

05 May, 2007


After having spent the winter mostly doing other stuff, like getting the boat ready for the new season I recently decided to do something about my mythtv box which I had almost but not quite running as I liked in the beginning of december last year.

This is what I mean by “not quite running as I liked” by the way:

  1. I did not get the ALLNET 0271 wireless NIC to work with OpenSuse, I felt I made some progress, but never quite got it to work even though I could connect from a knoppix cd (actually knoppix V 5.01) booted on the same machine.
  2. I did not get the remote control configured so I used a keyboard and mouse to program recordings, and play them.
    1. I did confirm with Yast that key events got received correctly by the driver so I was probably close there.
  3. I was not really happy with the boot screen, or the resolution when booting and running anything other than the mythfrontend.
    1. I had to manually bypass a warning about graphics modes during boot.
  4. I did not untill later after the DVB-T tuner had stopped working for me, get the software installed for modifying the BIOS wakeup time, so I while I actually used it to record tv I always had to manually turn the machine on before the recording should start. As mentioned I later got this to work, so I am confident I will get it to work again, and will of course describe it here when I get to that point.

The box would not boot, probably due to the fact that I had installed on the SATA drive, and having the bios reset and not getting the right boot order. I finally gave up on it and reinstalled open suse 10.2, so now I have relative fresh install to start from. This is already a while ago in which I have not even powered up the box, so I hope I haven’t forgotten something essential.

Because this time I will try to record what I have done here in my blog so I and others may benefit from it. The progress might be slow since I get scouled at by my wife if I spend too much time by the computer, and I also have the boat in the water now. Oh, and then there is this half marathon thing early next month whivh I am training for. link:

This is the hardware in the box:

Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI premium

CPU: Athlon 3200+

TV tuner: Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T DVB-T model 909

Wlan: ALLNet 0271

OS: Open suse 10.2

The last time I installed this box I referred a lot to these web sites:

I did not however succeed last time in getting my wlan ALLNET 0271 to connect to my WAP. I did try to install knoppix V (whatever was the latest version around november / december 2006) and that successfully connected to my WAP, so there certainly is hope. I just couldn’t get it to work with Suse 10.1 which I was using at that time, nor with Open suse 10.2 which I tried with the last time. Hopefully this time I will manage to get it right. (or buy another wlan nic which “just works” with Open Suse 10.2, time will tell). (more…)