mythtv on opensuse 10.2, a small success

This evening I moved the mythtv box into the living room, to experiment.

Some time ago I wrote that the PSU had unexpectedly died. A few days ago, I finally received a replacement PSU free of charge (apart from the 50 dkr it cost me to send in the defect one of course).

I had already found out that wlan now works with my Allnet 0271 nic (using wep only, since I can’t get it to connect without using knetworkmanager, and knetworkmanager refuses to let me select wpa. I finally found out that the prism54 driver which I use for the nic has incomplete wpa support, so I settled for wep for now).

I wanted to see if I could get the Hauppauge win tv nova-t dvb-t tuner to work, since everywhere it is stated that it should just work out of the box with opensuse 10.2. Well not quite, but after a long time trying to select some cx2388-something drivers with yast, and sometimes manually writing these drivers into /etc/modprobe.d/tv, and back and forth trying out different combinations, I finally tried to let kaffeine see if it could find any channels. And to my surprise it did !!!

It turns out, that kaffeine identified the tuner and on it’s own decided to use the cx22702 driver to control it.

So kaffeine successfully found the DVB-T multiplex in Denmark even when yast channel tune, and mythtv channel tuner could not. I am very grateful right now that I had kaffeine installed.

After this, I went back into yast, and selected the cx22702 driver instead of the default bcom-something (I turned off the other machine because it is getting late, and only on second thought decided to write about my partial success before I went to sleep. An update will follow sometime later, probably next week).

And then also mythtv could successfully tune and find the multiplex. (I had to tell mythtv to search using the german channel range, there is no danish list selectable in mythtv).

The parts I did not get to work tonight was audio, and perhaps IR (I say perhaps, because I will check if the batteries are alive before I draw any conclusions about that first 🙂

But I am pretty sure that will come along too soon enough.

Also I experimented a little with the nvidia-setting (nvidia xserver control), to set up the tv out so the text would be readable on the tv. I did not find a setting to my liking before I quit.

But theoretically I could start recording shows starting tomorrow, so I am optimistic that the remaining minor problems will be solvable too,

Update (22.07.2007 at 1:20)

Some time has passed, and I had resigned to use kaffeine to record and watch tv, since I could not find out how to get the correct drivers loaded automatically (I did so using modprobe instead), and mythtvbackend would crash every few minutes. If i had started mythtvbackend from a term, as root I saw this line when it crashed (I think it was the same line each time, but can’t be sure):

pcHDTV::GetSignal(fd 41 …….) (Invalid Argument)

I could not remember the parameters in the parenthesis so the “…” should not be taken literally 😉

But tonight I played a little with it, and after having tried unsuccessfully to edit /etc/modprobe.d/tv manually to force Yast2 to accept the cx88_dvb and cx22702 modules to be loaded for the card (my Hauppauge winvt nova-t DVB-t), I found out that:

  1. cx88_dvb depends on cx22702 and when cx88_dvb is loaded, then cx22702 is automatically loaded too.
  2. I _could_ select cx88_dvb within Yast if I chose that _instead_ of the cx8800 module.

Now it seems mythtvbackend does not crash nearly so often as it did before. I guess the drivers I loaded before made mythtv think the card was a HD card?… I don’t know. I downloaded the source for mythtv with the intent to try and compile it, and see if I could make some sort of workaround, or at least provide better feedback to the maintainers if I filed a bug report. Now I will hold the bug report back a little until I am sure there is one.

I “fixed” one more small thing tonight:

Whenever thebox booted, it would halt with a message about the wrong screen mode being passed at boot, and I should choose another, or press space to continue anyway.

This is not the prettiest way to fix this, but simply removing the screen option, which was 0x31a, from grub (I did it from within Yast2->BootLoader) made it go away and just boot.

The downside of this simple and ugly fix, is that I do not have the flash screen active while booting, but at least it will now boot unattended,

I should probably fix this before too long though, as it most certainly will affect the WAF (Wife Acceptancy Factor;-) negatively if I don’t.

Still missing:

Configure mythtv to use the remote for controlling it.


2 Responses to “mythtv on opensuse 10.2, a small success”

  1. louisck Says:

    I am using a recent svn MythTV and a Hauppauge HVR-950 tuner. It works fine in kaffeine, but whenever I try to tune a channel in mythtv I get the same pcHDTV::GetSignal_v4l1 error you do. When you solve this problem, can you please tell us what the solution is? TIA.

  2. Lars Olesen Says:

    Hi Louisck

    Did you see my update from 22,07,2007 ?

    I basically got the right drivers loaded, and since then it has been running without a crash.
    My biggest remaining issues right now, are that
    1. The nvram wakeup I thought I had working correctly was instead corrupting the BIOS when mythbackend shut the machine down. I have been trying to use ACPI wakeup instead which also seems to work on my motherboard, but when I worked on this last, whici is almost two weeks ago now, I could not make mythbackend set the wakeuptime correctly. I think I am close though, and will write an entry about it when I have that working.
    2. The IR receiver through the DVB-T tuner card, which I have seen receiving IR strings before when testing the driver, receives nothing with the drivers I have loaded now. I am not sure when I will have this working right.
    3. My wlan card which is working fine with WEP, is out of signal range from my WAP now :-((

    I wish you good luck, but can only suggest you experiment with drivers for getting mythbackend to behave for you…

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