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Sailing again.

05 May, 2007

During easter I nearly set a personal record by getting the boat in the water on April 5th. Only small trips so far, and even in good weather it can still be quite cold out on the water.

But evening matches have now started, so from next week I hope the entire 4 man crew (myself included) will be racing with the other boats. so far the weather has been really fine for most of the still very young season of 2007.


New sailing season approaching

29 March, 2007

The last two weeks, I’ve had my crew working with me on the boat one weekend. (and it was raining hard that weekend, especially on saturday).

And last weekend I put in some work alone, and now the boat is pretty close to being ready for the upcoming sailing season.

This could be the first year in my 4 year’s as a boat owner to actually get the boat in the water in the very beginning of april, and maybe even on april which is the day the harbour officially opens for the season.

Thanks to my crew for making this possible.

And hopefully this year we will have a long season with great sailing weather.

And not to forget, leave the other boats trailing behind in the evening matches ;-))A quiet day on the water, september 2006


Finally fixed the water pump on my boat today

07 January, 2007

I managed to unmount the pump for the seawater cooling system for the diesel today. I say manged to, because the way the engine is mounted makes it difficult to do, at least the first time around.

Anyway, I disassembled the pump, and saw what looked to me like a perfectly fine impeller. So why did the pump not pump water very well ?

The answer came after consulting with the owner of our local boat gear shop: The central part of the impeller, which is driven by the engine is probably loose so the impeller blades are not turning (or only slowly turning). (This was ofcourse after I had disassembled the pump, cleansed the tube going from the pump to the engine, and remounted the pump while making sure the (danish: kilrem) was properly tightened (my first conclusion was that the kilrem probably was not tight enough, so the pump was not being driven properly), so I unmounted and disassembled the pump once again, and found that he was indeed right, and inserted the old impeller which was worn, but did not have this particular defect. After remounting the pump the pump worked much better than before. I am still going to buy a new impeller (and probably one more in reserve) before the sailing season starts again.

But very nice to know I have an engine I can trust once again.


13 December, 2006

I took the boat on shore (next to my house) the last week of october this year.

It was my intention at the time to get repairs done,  and outside maintenance (like waxing the hull and painting the bottom and repairing the keel which was breached by a collision with a rock on the bottom while we were closing the shore to tie the boat to a buoy to do some bathing last summer)

But I am only half way done, so the outlook for getting the boat ready for the next season early next year is not as good as I had planned.

And the water pump for the sea water cooling seems to be broken, and I am having trouble finding the time to fix it. And fixing it is necessary because otherwise I cant inject the cooling liquid which will prevent the engine from being split in pieces if we (against all odds it seems at the moment) should get a really cold winter.

This is the boat by the way, the picture does not really do the boat justice, but it was taken just 30 minutes or so before we hit that rock…The cockpit of my boat